marine market

SEC SYSTEMS manufactures the range of products necessary to equip every vessel in the world, regardless of its intended use. Our products will complement new build, conversion, or refit with the necessary materials to meet customer requirements and current legislation.

We offer a wide range of products with the best parameters on the market. The most important of those include ease of installation, high acoustic, and class requirements.

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Following range of MED approved doors are available:

Following options are available:

Finish details:

wall systems:

Bulkhead systems designated for:

Finish details:

ceiling systems:

Finish details:

Wide range of systems:

inspection doors and revisions:

Wide range of required products:

Finish details:

pullman type beds:

metal beds:

accommodation modules:

SEC SYSTEMS is capable to provide complete accommodation solutions for new builds, retrofits, or upgrades. We have the knowledge and capacity to provide furniture including metal, wet units, and much more. Contact us for more details if you are looking for a reliable partner in your project.


We offer: